Table Top Rally – Mayday Rally 2020

Many of the most passionate members of our club are the rallyists! During the isolation period, some have turned to online simulation driving in DiRT Rally 2.0. But there are still some interesting and challenging events being organized that don’t require a sim wheel, and only need a computer or tablet. A Table Top Rally uses Google Maps and Street View to create a challenging navigation rally for everyone.

Dennis Wharton from Kitchener Waterloo Rally Club is organizing the Mayday Rally 2020, starting this weekend. The previous table top rallies had great feedback.

MAYDAY RALLY 2020 General information

Calabogie Street ViewThe goal is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to compete, the event will be held over a three day period Saturday May 30 to Monday June 1. Instructions in PDF format will be emailed to all preregistered competitors at 11:00 AM on Saturday May 30. Route cards and any other documents that need scoring are to be returned by 11:59:00 PM on Monday June 1. The time attached to the sending of these shall determine whether they are in on time or not.

Instructions: There will be two classes of instructions, Expert and Novice. Experts know who they are and novices is everyone else.

Competitors can enter individually or as a regular 2 person crew.

The official map for the rally shall be Google Maps. In order for a road to be considered as part of the rally, it has to be available in Street View. Other maps may be used in the instructions but they are for route definition only. It is recommended that competitors familiarize themselves with the various scaling options available on Google maps.

Checkpoints will be identified by a GPS coordinates. In addition, there will be a Street View picture of the actual control with a control board marking it. The competitors challenge is to scale the correct distance, then time to that distance. Time controls cannot be located within an Elapsed Time (ET), but can be placed anywhere else. The one stipulation is that the location must be clearly visible on Google Maps in the Satellite mode.

Timing and scoring will be to the 1/100 of a minute, not to our standard tenth of a minute.

You will get a route card in the package after registering. The time to be recorded is the ET you have calculated from the last control. We will not be using time of day.

The organizer expects to get the results out by Tuesday evening.

Other than bragging rights, there are no awards per se, unless someone wants to come up with some.

There is no entry fee to compete in the event.  However, in recognition for the time and efforts of those who are having to deal with COVID-19 on a daily and personal basis, I am asking each entrant to voluntarily make a $30.00 donation to a charity of their own choice.  I will not be tracking this and won’t know who has or hasn’t unless you tell me.

Organizer: Dennis Wharton   Email: to enter.

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