The Ottawa SportsCar Club is pleased to welcome new Karting members and our partnership(s) with local Karting tracks. We look forward to supporting karters as we move forward in 2021 at the local level.

OSCC Goals for our Karting members

To enhance, promote and cultivate the safety, pleasure, recreation, enjoyment and fellowship derived by members of the organization from the ownership or operation of racing karts in the national capital region

To promulgate general safety standards, matter of conduct and regulations regarding the participation in racing events in Canada.

To provide communication and information to members of the Organization to further the sport of Karting.

To possibly sponsor or sanction racing events and other activities involving competitive operation and performance of racing karts, and in connection therewith, to support standards and classifications of various types of racing karts, and rules and regulations relating thereto the competitors.

How to go Karting

There are many ways to get started and to enjoy the sport of Karting, from rental karts at local kart tracks, to the higher performance racing karts with equipment, clothing and motors to provide a safe racing environment for persons age 8 to 80.

If you want to try the rental karts available at Quyon racetrack available at https://www.lecircuitquyon.com/

or other Karting options at

Lombardy Racing at https://lrkartingclub.com/news/

National Capital Kart Club at https://nckc.net/

Code of Conduct.

The OSCC is a strong supporter of the code of conduct developed by ASN for all Karting participants and it is required reading for all licence holders.

ASN Code of Conduct

How to apply for an OSCC Kart Club 2021 regional level licence

See resources below.

How to apply for a National Licence

At this time there is no local application available, contact Paul Swinwood at karting@OttawaSportsCarClub.ca.

Volunteers always needed

If you believe you want to get started in Karting, the local tracks are always looking for volunteers to help out. A great way to meet the people involved and to see exactly where, how, when and how much karting you can be enjoyed.


1) How to apply for a licence for local club racing at Quyon and other tracks.

Once you are a member of OSCC, (see membership page at OttawaSportsCarClub.ca/membership) to apply for a local club licence please fill out the online application and submit it to: karting@OttawaSportsCarClub.ca.

Licences are valid for one year and expire at the end of December. Please apply for your new club licence starting January 1 of each calendar year.

Licence application is available online at:


Licence cost

Payment of the $60.00 licence for OSCC Kart Licence an e-transfer is to be sent to:


with the description of kart licence applied for and your name. An online payment system will be available shortly.

2) Medical form

All persons wanting to go club kart racing in Canada must fill out a self assessment form for medical fitness.

Get that form here and the background information that you should read that is provided to Physicians once you need a regional or national licence.

Medical Self-Declaration

Email the completed form to karting@OttawaSportsCarClub.ca. The document is handled as required by privacy regulations.

3) Book 1 of Canadian Karting Regulations

2020 Karting Regulations Book 1 Sporting

4) Book 2 of Canadian Karting Technical Regulations

2020 Karting Regulations Book 2 Technical

5) Parental Consent Form

Most tracks will need a parental consent form signed before allowing a minor on the track, this form is available here in English for your usage.

Annual Parental Consent Waiver

6) Approved helmets for 2020.

FIA-CIK Karting Helmet Regulations (May 2020)

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