Race Official’s Training Classes filling up fast!!!

Saturday morning, April 25th is Race Officials’ Training Day at Calabogie Motorsports Park for Pit Lane, False Grid and Scrutineering.
Included is a 30 minute Live Fire Session for all being delivered by the Calabogie Safety Team. The knowledge from that one session is transferable to any situation involving fire that you might encounter – time very well spent.
There will be lots of opportunities to use the Pit lane and False Grid training this season, not only at Calabogie but at other race tracks as well. Foe example, Shannonville Motorsport Park has reached out asking for support for their two major race events being held there this summer.
Knowledge from proper accredited training will help you do your job efficiently and safely at any event at Calabogie Motorsports Park. In addition, a prerequisite for obtaining a CASC-OR Official’s License – that then opens doors for you to work at other race tracks – is that you have completed the approved training.
Attached is the agenda for the morning of April 25th. Please take a look and let me know if you would like to register for accredited training. Class size is limited. If you have already registered, please tell a friend about the opportunities to become a race official and point them my way for more information!!2020 CMP Officials’ Apr 25 Training Agenda-Notice
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