The Seventies

I became a teenager in the 70’s  , I started High School in the 70’s , I got my drivers permit in the seventies but the best thing about the 70’s happened July 1st , 1970 that was the day that I fell in love with motorsport. It seems so long ago that I stood at the fence at Rockcliffe Air Base in my hometown of Ottawa and watched the very first Canada Day Races. What an adventure, not only was it Canada’s birthday it was my first ever car race. I was thirteen at the time and little did I know that this one day would shape my life forever. I was witness to the neatest thing I had ever seen. The cars , not just cars , they were race cars travelling at speeds I could only imagine. Somewhere in the crowd I knew my brother was also there watching. He was 5 years older than me so up until that day we did not have a lot in common. Little did we know that on July 1st,1970 was the day that we found something in common. Motorsport became a way of life for us, a bond that has never been broken. I entered Ridgemont High School that year and signed up immediately for Auto Shop and just about every other technical class and so it began that year a life long passion that led to a career of over 40 years in the automotive industry and many years hanging around race tracks. I still work in the industry and I still hang around race tracks and I  still get that chill every time a race car fires up.

The Seventies was a  decade that saw the world of motorsport  struggle with success and tragedy. It was a decade that saw some of the greatest names in motorsport climb into  their race cars and battle for the right to be called Champion . It was a decade that was filled with innovation and shaped the world of motorsport.

Over the next few months I will bring back some memories for those who lived through the 70’s and for those that missed out on those golden years it will give you some insight about just how special this decade was for the world of Motor Racing.

Stay tuned

Dale Pasternak

Vice President OSCC

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