A Great ‘Truth’ – by Glen Clarke

A great ‘Truth’ by Glen Clarke

It is nice to see a discussion about cleaning up driving at the karting level. I hope there is some positive action. But it has to start with the parents and the coaches.

Aggressive dicing is amazing but deliberate contact is not.

One of the many arts of racing is to study the driver in front, learn their weaknesses and prepare for an opportunity to exploit a mistake. Patience is required. If a driver has to resort to bump and run tactics to get by, they are not as good as they think they are.

There is very little consequence for kart contact. Mom and Dad shell out $$$ for repairs and send the kid back into battle with a fist pump and advice to “hit him harder next time.”

When that kid graduates from karts to cars, reality can set in really fast. Bang wheels in a formula car and you will get hurt. Hit something hard in your GT car and it will be many long nights and many pay cheques before you are back on track.

Most racers stop competing because they run out of $$$. Contact just accelerates the process. Unless you have a PHD. (Poppa Has Dough)

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