Like being close to all the action. Then being a track worker is where you want to be.


Corner Marshals or ‘Flaggers’ are stationed at various points around race tracks to facilitate the communication process to competitors and race control. Different flags are used to communicate the track status to competitors. They are the ‘eyes’ of race control and a key link in the communication of decisions made by Race Control to competitors. They account for approximately 50% of the volunteers at a race meeting. Marshals are the closest to the action and have the best vantage point on- track.



The starter is a key communication link for race control to the competitors. Flags are used to communicate the start, last lap, finish and special status instructions to competitors. The starter has control of the field as the cars approach for the start of a race.


Getting in the thick of things is one of the pleasures of being a pit marshal. The pit marshals run the pit lane activities, ensuring the safety of everyone in pit lane and enforcing the pit lane regulations. They interact with the race crews and drivers, acting as a line of communication between Race Control and the competitors.


Every car that goes on-track needs to be gridded in the correct order. The grid marshal directs each competitor to the correct location and provides the final check on each car and driver before they are released onto the circuit. It’s a great opportunity to meet the drivers and crew and be around all the amazing race machinery


Qualified medical and firefighting volunteers are required at strategic locations around the track in order to respond quickly in case of an emergency.


Everyone wants to be the pace car driver, but it’s more than just driving fast around the track. The pace car drivers have to find the balance between controlling the field of race cars and speed. They have a direct role in the start of every race and also to provide the safe circulation under a caution period when emergency vehicles need to be dispatched.

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