The CMP Challenge Series at Calabogie Motorsports Park runs about 15 events – mostly in the evening 5-7 pm – from late April to early October. Each event is staffed with eight Race Officials who cover various positions to ensure fair and safe competition. These positions include Starter, Pit Lane, False Grid, Operating Steward, Timing, Event Chief Steward and Pace Car. During the season, the Race Officials rotate through as many positions as they want and receive hands-on training at the event for the position they are assigned to that day. This training and experience is invaluable you want to work at regional or national events in the future that require a License. Members of the Ottawa SportsCar Club work as Race Officials literally around the world!

You can work as few as one event or as many as you want to or are available for. Get close to the action and work with racers and fellow officials to make every event fun and safe!! We cannot run them without you!

Getting involved is as easy as saying “I want to know more about this – please contact me!” Contact me directly by email at tsdale2@gmail.com and I will tell you more about how it all works!

Calabogie Marshalls and Officials – Calabogie Motorsports Park


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