OSCC Speaker Series kicks off with Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff

2011 Rally of the Tall Pines

The Ottawa SportsCar Club wants to give more to our members, and so we are starting a Speaker Series. Every few months, we plan to invite speakers to present on topics of interest to our members. This could be a night of stories from experienced participants, car preparation and setup, mental training, sponsorship and marketing, or a myriad of other subjects.

We are proud to kick off this series with well-known local rallyist Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff. Ferd is a veteran rally co-driver, ice racer, TSD rally driver, winter driving instructor and much more. On Feb 25th, he will be sharing his stories and video with us at the Tifosi lounge.

For more details on date, time and location, please visit the event page.


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