The Seventies… Year Two

Year Two of the decade began with the banning of cigarette advertising on television, Harlem Globetrotters lose 100-99 to NJ Reds, ending 2,495-game win streak , “All in the Family” premieres on CBS featuring 1st toilet flush on TV and Intel releases its first microprocessor. Motorsport also had many firsts. The Shadow Can Am Team uses unleaded fuel for the first time at a race at Le Circuit Mont Tremblant and Mario Andretti won his first Formula One Race at the South African Grand Prix.



Peter Revson became the first American to win the Can Am Championship while Niki Lauda ,Mark Donohue , Canadian John Cannon entered Formula One for the first time . 1971 also saw the first turbine powered car in Formula One a Lotus  59B, it failed to impress. Paul Ricard Circuit in France held its first F1 race , purists loathed the venue. Bernie Eccelstone purchased the Brabham Team for £ 100,000 thus beginning his rise in F1

The Canadian Formula B Championship was won by Jacques Couture , Jackie Stewart became F1 World Champion driving a Tyrell  giving the marque its first manufacturers title . Patrick Depailler won the French F3 and Ronnie Peterson took the F2 title.

The GP of Israel was on the F2 schedule again but failed to happen once more. The Six Hours of Peru was back on the schedule with a Lotus Elan taking the win. The 38th edition of this little known endurance race was held at the Autodromo La Chutana circuit south of Lima in February 2019.




Discovering The Peru 6 Hours



The last edition of the Marathon de la Route 84 hour endurance race was held at Nurburgring with 39 starters and won by an Alpine Renault.

World’s longest motor race


Cheverolet commisioned a 2.0 litre engine built by Cosworth for its Vega and Niki Lauda borrowed US $100,000 to secure a seat withe March F1 Team for 1972.

Good news for the local scene Labatts Breweries comes on board as title sponsor for the Dows Lake Ice Races putting up $1000 cash prizes and trophies, Mother Nature decided the outcome as a massive snow storm shut down both the races and the city.

Equipe Chimo celebrated  a one- two finish at an Autocross event in Franktown with current OSCC member Steve Rocque taking the win. An Auto Slalom called ” Mini Mosport took place as well as another successful Auto Cross in Hammond.

Local driver Brian Robertson finished 2nd in the Players Challenge Series and the Molson Series in Quebec with his Brabham BT35. Robertson travelled to Columbia for a special series organized by SCCA. Fellow competitor and local Driver John Powell accompanied Robertson and took on the role of crew chief .Powell also loaned him his own Chevron since Robertson had already sold his car.



Sadly the Ottawa motorsport world would lose one of its own. Wayne Kelly died while racing his Formula Ford at a support race at the Canadian GP at Mosport. Questions still remain whether this accident could have been prevented. Flagging was different back then.

Motorsport Club of Ottawa President Denny Quirk wrote this in his column ” Thoughts from the President”

“I am sure you have all heard of the untimely death of Wayne Kelly. Wayne
was a good friend of mine, as he was I am sure to many of you, and I feel most
inadequate in trying to write anything which is not either trite or has already
been said. Wayne accomplished more that was creative in his 37 years than most of
would in 10 lifetimes, and his name will be remembered long after most of ours hove
been forgotten. His death has been a shock to us; however I am sure that he would not
wish us to speak out against the sport which caused it. He always felt that racing was
one of the most personally rewarding pursuits around,
so let’s honour- Wayne Kelly’s name by continuing to
work to make it a better sport.”

We all acknowledge that motorsport is a dangerous sport, for those not involved it is hard for them to understand the passion that all enthusiasts have for their sport. Whether it be motorsport , mountain climbing or sky diving the thrill and  the friendships made along the way is the ultimate feeling of satisfaction.

For those who have lost their lives doing what they wanted mourn them not for it was their chosen path.



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