A very special OSCC Award – Don Horner

A very special award was created by OSCC Member Bob Pasternak and it was awarded at the Annual AGM and Awards Banquet on October 27th.

The name of the award is – “The President’s Technical Excellence Award’. Here is what is printed on the back to explain its importance – “This award was donated to the Ottawa SportsCar Club by Bob Pasternak October 2018 in honour of the memory of old friends to the motorsport community – Bailey Desjardins and Ralph Dowdall. Each in their own way excelled when it came to things automotive and many a race car were kept running using their often unconventional methods. Invariably, it was someone else’s race car on which they passed their magic. This award recognizes that spirit of getting the job done and helping others for the pure pleasure of seeing race cars do what they are supposed to do – race.”


A great award and an even better recipient. Don has raced since the early 60’s and still works today with Mortimer Racing making sure race cars go on the track safely. Nobody better.

Congratulations, Don!

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