Looking for something to do in 2018?

Looking for something to do in 2018?

All sports have competitors. All sports also have officials who ensure that rules are followed and enforced in a fair and consistent manner. Officials are also involved with the actual running of the events and that is very much the case in motorsport – let’s look at racing.

There are many officials involved with the running of a race event at all levels right up to IndyCar and Formula 1. And those officials all started learning about the sport in many different ways – some as competitors, some as Flaggers, some in the Registration Office, some as fans watching from the sidelines.

All of those count as great ways to get started but…….have you ever wondered about getting even more involved – receiving training and gaining experience hands-on and live at an actual race event? Well – wonder no more as it is as easy as saying ‘Hey, I’d like to do that’!

In the Ottawa area, we are fortunate to have a World Class Race Track less than an hour away from Ottawa – Calabogie Motorsport Park – CMP! It is in fact Canada’s Longest Race Track at 5.05km in length!

CMP hosts full weekend long events throughout the season and also runs a very successful Calabogie Challenge Race Series held mostly in the evenings from 4-7 PM from May through to October.

The CMP Challenge needs 5 Race Officials for every event to cover the necessary responsibilities of – Starter, Pit Lane, Paddock, Operating Steward, and False Grid.  There is also an Event Chief Steward and Pace Car Driver at every event.

Here is your opportunity to get involved – no experience required! We provide full training in every area and everyone gets a chance to rotate through and work in each area through-out the season. Its fun! There is a modest gas allowance! And you get the experience to allow you to qualify as a Licensed Race Official. Our Race Officials work throughout North America in many different capacities and right here is the place where it all starts!

Interested in knowing more about it? Then drop an email to <tsdale2@gmail.com> and I’ll tell you all you need to know to get things started!!

Terry Dale

Race Director, Calabogie Motorsport Park

Series Chief Steward, Calabogie Challenge Series

Operating Steward, Trans Am Series

Series Chief Steward, Nissan Micra Cup Series

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