Mark McDonald wins the Ontario GT 4 Championship

Mark McDonald wins the Ontario   GT 4 Championship and is also named Ontario closed wheel overall champion!

Celebration weekend, the closer for the season dawned a cool 6 degree race start for the 3 hour enduro which Mark would be co-driving in a Radical SR3 with Sam Bak from Radical Canada.

Sam would start the race and Mark was to finish, 8 laps in Sam went off in corner 2 after setting the fastest lap of the morning. Unfortunately the car  sustained catastrophic damage ending their race.

Mark then concentrated on preparing for qualifying that afternoon in his Audi TT.  Only to turn one qualifying lap before blowing a front left drive shaft, putting him 6th on the grid.

Repaired and ready for the green flag to wave on the last race of the season, Mark ran strong and moved into third position within a few laps and continued to keep his place in class. Half way through the race, a cable would snap in the shifting mechanism, leaving him with only 3rd and 5th gear, the car now became a momentum car.

Mark ended up turning his fastest lap with handicap and finish 2nd at the checkered flag.  Asked after the race, why did you stay out? He answered, “It’s just what we do, it’s not over until the car says it’s over.”

Mark would like to thank all of CASC staff, marshals, and competitors.  He would also like to thank his sanctioned club Ottawa Sports Car Club for all the support given this season and its members for supporting racing in Ontario.

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