Hey Racers! Whaddya doing this weekend???

The 2017 Kyle Nash Race at Calabogie Motorsport Park is this weekend. Here is the link to everything you need to know about it – http://www.calabogiemotorsports.com/kyle-nash-memorial-rac…/

* On the schedule is an Invitational GT Sprint Race (3 races – 105 minutes of track time).
* The CTCC http://touringcar.ca/…
* Quebec’s SuperProduction Challenge http://superproductionchallenge.weebly.com/ (a CASC-OR eligible GT Challenge car can enter and run in that as well)
* Radical Cup Canada http://www.radicalcanada.ca/racing_canada.html
* Invitational Formula Libre Race.
* And lots more!!!
* Friday Test Day with tons of track time!!!
* Saturday is run on the Stadium Track; Sunday is on the long track – at 5.05 km, its Canada’s Longest Permanent Race Track!!
* Spectator admission is FREE!!!
* Car Show on Sunday!!!
* A fantastic operations team at a beautiful facility just a short ride outside of Ottawa.
* Great opportunity to get warmed up for the Ted Powell CASC-OR Regional Races in August!!

Register at motorsportreg NOW!! You know you want to do it!!!

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