Doing their part in the face of COVID-19

“Working with seniors and special needs people is incredibly satisfying. Working beside the caregivers who do it every day is incredible to watch and to see their passion and devotion is inspiring. Listening to the seniors share their stories is amazing to listen to.”

These are the things that inspire the Ottawa SportsCar Club’s Past President Terry Dale to get behind the wheel of the Glebe Centres bus two or three times a week with his son Tim and deliver much needed supplies to area seniors during these troubling times.

Besides the Meals On Wheels deliveries, the Father and Son duo also pick up and deliver groceries, face masks, and whatever else is needed by those who are homebound. They cover a large portion of Ottawa South, Merivale Rd., lower town, and of course the Glebe. They average 15 Meals On Wheels and 15 -20 masks and other deliveries and contacts per day.

Even with on-track motorsport activities postponed or canceled, Terry still has numerous projects on the go behind the scenes but he still manages to find time to do their weekly deliveries.

Activities like this are not uncommon for Terry – with help once again from Tim and fellow OSCC member Sam Mandia they deliver specialized driver training to caregivers who use wheelchair ramp- equipped vehicles to transport clients. They are one of the very few companies that can offer this very specialized training.

Tim who is 41, works as an Automotive Service advisor in a busy 16 bay Service Centre, works with a Hot Air Balloon for Remax for the past 10 years, and drives for the Glebe Centre on a regular basis. Being an ACZM licensed professional driver also gave Tim the opportunity to drive for IMSA for 5 years to race tracks throughout North America.

Terry, who refuses to slow down in his alleged retirement, has a resume that would take far too long to list and continues to add to it every day.

During these challenging times, this Father and Son team provide a much needed service to the community. Their concern for those in need is not surpassed by anyone. They are inspiring to everyone and require no thanks. What they do together for others is thanks enough for them.

OSCC would like to thank all members who are frontline and essential workers for their continued service while we all try to navigate through these times

Stay safe, stay healthy.

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