Good afternoon!
Its cold and snowy so it must be time to start thinking about the 2020 racing season at Calabogie Motorsports Park –https://www.calabogiemotorsports.com/  !!!  
I am reaching out to the Race Officials who worked together so well in the events during the 2019 Race Season. A very large reason for the success of the Calabogie Challenge Series is due to the efforts, commitment and passion of the five assigned Race Officials who are there for each and every event. Their responsibility is to ensure that the racing is safe – Priority #1 – but also fair and FUN. For everyone – including the drivers, crew, spectators, and for themselves! We can look back and say with confidence “Mission accomplished” and take a couple of ‘Attaboys’ out of the bank for everyone!
The 2020 CMP Challenge Series is already being set in place with some exciting news about the CMP Libre Challenge along with a refresh of the rules based on feedback from those involved – that includes all of you who provided your valuable insight and suggestions.
This email is a reach-out to all to ask about your plans for 2020 and, hopefully, how that includes being a part of the 2020 CMP Challenge Operations Team again. The schedule will be announced in the next few weeks but should be about the same as this year – starting late April and running into September – with about 15 events total. The number of races worked by each of the Race Officials is typically about 3-5 with some a few more and some a few less. We would like to recommend a minimum of 2 events.
As you know, we like to have an assignment roster in place for the start of the season with lots of flexibility to shuffle dates when other things come up in your lives. The more people on the list, the easier it is to swap out as necessary. There will be a Training Day in late April that will include ‘Live Fire Training’ presented by the Calabogie Safety Team – more details coming.
In addition, there is a major race weekend planned for August 28-30 – the ‘Calabogie Cup Race Weekend’ – which will include the return of the IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup Series, CTCC, Nissan Micra Cup, SuperProduction Challenge, Radical Cup Canada and VARAC Historic. We will be looking for help for that event and BEMC has also asked for help at the two race events they are organizing at Shannonville in June and August. All to say that there will be a lot of opportunity to get up close and personal with as much racing action as you can handle in 2020!!
So, with all of that, we are asking you to let me know if you are interested in being a part of the Race Officials’ Team at CMP next year!! There is lots of flexibility for dates, training is provided, and I would be happy to talk to anyone about it – either yourself or you may know of someone would like to come on board – if so, please reach out to them and point them my way for more detail.
Long story but here is the short version:
  • Please let me know what your plans are for the 2020 racing season! Email or give me a call!
My Very Best Wishes for a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!!     ������
Yours in Motorsports,
Terry Dale
Race Director
Calabogie Motorsports Park
33 Second Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S2H2
613-298-3692 Fax 613-567-1009

Email – <tsdale2@gmail.com>
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