OSCC Annual General Meeting, Oct 27 2018

Dear Ottawa SportsCar Club members….

As we approach The OSCC October 27th Annual General meeting & banquet at the Tifosi, we also per my first note to everyone, it is the time for The OSCC to nominate, and elect a new Board of Directors.

Don’t stop reading…please. This is important. We need four (4) Directors, a Vice President and a President to comply with our charter registered with the Ontario government as a not-for-profit organization.

As Chairman — along with Nigel Mortimer — I encourage you to consider seriously how you might contribute to the growth, management and vitality of The OSCC. The pay is thin, but the reward is rich! I know first hand from more than 40 years of contributing to motorsport!

Send me, or Nigel Mortimer, your willingness to engage as an active participant in the “steering” of the OSCC.

We have received some names already, but we need more folks to step up! There are individuals who are continuing who can help guide you through the orientation process…you are not alone.

Please mark the date on your calendar (Oct. 27)…banquet and awards to follow the AGM – which I promise to keep short.

Voting: Please show up to vote! For those who cannot, please send me,or Nigel Mortimer an email, indicating your inability to attend, along with the name of your proxy who will vote on your behalf.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself, Nigel or anyone else on the current Board.

Thank you.

Ronald Woltman
Nigel Mortimer
Co-chairs of the 2018-19
Nominating Committee

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