Don’t forget!!! OSCC Social Meeting Wednesday April 5!!

The First Monthly Social Meeting of the OSCC is this Wednesday April 5th!!

Lots to see and talk about including a huge auction that is growing every day!

Four laps at Calabogie Motorsport Park in and race-prepped Audi or a Stohr from Mark MacDonald!

A 30 minute track session also at CMP in Pat Irwin’s race-prepped Chrysler 300SRT! A second 30 minute session will be auctioned off at the May meeting!

Tons of memorabilia – posters, hats, hard-to-find ‘stuff’ donated by OSCC members!!!

Hey, we can send members an invoice the next day for what you buy at the auction!!

Lots of fun and stories to be told and shared!!Bring a friend! You don’t have to be an OSCC member to attend!! You do have to have a passion for motorsports and be prepared to share it with others!!!

See you there!!!

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