OSCC Newsletter – Volume #1 Issue #1

Hello Fellow Motorsport Enthusiasts!!

The kick-off to the Ottawa SportsCar Club has been amazing! At this point we are at 43 members with more signing up every day.

We have received permission from the Sanctioning Body – CASC-OR (Canadian Sports Car Club/Ontario Region) – to operate as a fully accredited and affiliated member club! Per their rules, the first year we will be ‘On Probation’ but our members are right now full members of an ASN Canada FIA affiliated club. Our Club insurance covering its Executive and members will be in effect on April 1st.

The Club Directors are:

The plan is to have monthly general meetings the first Wednesday of every month and executive Meetings the third Wednesday of every month if necessary. The meetings will be at the Tifosi Club in St. Anthony’s Soccer Club, 523 St Anthony Street, Ottawa.

There is lots happening behind the scenes including a soon to be announced logo and all sorts of club-related stuff!

The Club is for its members to share their hobby and passion for any form of motorsports with friends who share the same interests. It is a club of, by and for its members!

Thank you for your support!

See you at an event somewhere soon!!


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